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  • From bulkheads, attachables and inlines to overmoulds and dummy plugs

    Hydro Group deliver rugged performance, short installation times and cost-effective subsea connectivity
  • HRM connectors benefits from a rigorous testing program at Hydro Group

    ensuring safe performance up to 600 bar of pressure
With nearly four decades of commercial experience and industry knowledge, Hydro Group is seen as a global leader in subsea connectivity engineering and innovation.

We offer an exclusive range of Hydro Rubber Moulded (HRM) subsea connectors, available in a range of combinations, sizes, and voltages. With five variants on offer, from bulkheads to dummy plugs, Hydro Group's HRM Subsea Connectors offer rugged performance, short installation times, and cost-effective subsea connectivity.

Hydro Group typically works in three key energy markets, oil & gas, marine renewable energy, and defence, where we focus on technology and innovation for subsea connectivity.

The growing complexity of underwater engineering projects requires specialist capabilities, industry knowledge, and experience. Hydro Group has this capability and more; its dedicated engineering team has decades of industry knowledge and innovation, having achieved many unique connectivity solutions for various subsea applications.

HRM Subsea sub con connectors